Mandarin Songs

想見你想見你想見你 (Want to See You) / Miss You 3000

Aaron Yan
妳幸福就好 (Your Happiness Is My Happiness)
最久的瞬間 (Everlasting Moment)

Come to Me (feat. Silence Wang)

Ariel Tsai
記得捨不得 (Can’t Bear to Forget You)
回不去的海 (The Sea I Can’t Return To) / The Lost Sea
對愛入座 (Take a Seat for Love) / Loveseat (feat. PiHai Ryan)

Arrow Wei
我還是不懂 (I Still Don’t Understand)

Love More
逆時光的浪 (Back in Time)
極光 (Aurora)
愛是妳給的溫柔 (Love is the Tenderness You Give) / Tender Love
都是你害的 (You Caused All of This) / All You Did
我想你了( Think of You)
我比從前想你了 (I Miss You More Than I Did Before) / I Miss You More
你 (You)

Boran Jing
愛情掉在哪裡 (Where Did Love Get Lost)
美女与野兽 (Beauty and the Beast) feat. Hebe Tian

Cao Lu (Fiestar)
等你开口 (Waiting For You To Say Something)

Ceng Jing Min and Wu Wen Fang
我們 (We)

Chen Xue Ning
灰姑娘 (Cinderella)

Chen Zhuo Xun
风的话 (Words of the Wind)

Cindy Yen
心底 (Bottom of My Heart)

Curley Gao
寓言 (Fable)

Dawen Wang
其實你已經知道 (You Already Know My Heart)

Della Ding
只是不夠愛自己 (It’s Just That I Don’t Love Myself Enough) / Love Myself More

Duo Liang
诉衷情 (Expressing Inner Feelings)

Dylan Wang
想和你 (Want To Be With You) feat. Esther Yu

Eric Chou
怎麼了 (What’s Wrong)
如果能幸福 (If I Could Be Happy) / Fortunate
14 天 (14 Days)
最後一堂課 (The Last Lesson) / Graduation

Esther Yu
想和你 (Want To Be With You) feat. Dylan Wang
失忆 (Amnesia)
好像都一样 (Seems the Same) feat. Zhang Bin Bin

F4 (Meteor Garden 2018)
For You
从来没想到 (Never Would Have Thought)

诀爱 (Bidding Farewell to Love)

Feng Ze
年青有為 Promising Young Man (with Edan Lui)

倒數 (Countdown) / Tik Tok | Indonesian Lyrics
另一個童話 (Another Fairytale) / My Fairytales
差不多姑娘 (Miss Similar)
Walk on Water
透明 (Invisible) / Selfless
別勉強 (Don’t Force It) (feat. Eric Chou)
兩個自己 (Two of Me) / Double Me

Hebe Tian
獨善其身 (Love Yourself)
美女与野兽 (Beauty and the Beast) feat. Boran Jing

Henry Lau

Hu Xia
愛你步步驚心 (Love You, Startling with Each Step)
无人知晓的梦 (A Dream No One Understands)

Huang Kun
住在你的心脏 (Live in Your Heart)

Jackson Wang
過 (Should’ve Let Go) feat. JJ Lin

Jay Chou
床邊故事 (Bedtime Stories)
不該 (Shouldn’t Be) (feat. A-Mei)
等你下課 (Waiting for You to Get Out of Class) / Waiting for You (feat. Gary Yang)
告白氣球 (Confession Balloon) / Love Confession
不愛我就拉倒 (If You Don’t Love Me, It’s Fine)
說好不哭 (Said Not to Cry) / Won’t Cry (feat. Ashin)
還在流浪 (Still Wandering)

Jiang Zhuo Jia (GJ)
預告 (Warning)
你的愛是什麼形狀 (What is the Shape of Your Love)

Jing Long
那天 (That Day)

Jiro Wang
捨近求遠 (Give Up What’s Close for What’s Far Away) / Go For Love Faraway

Jin Chen and Wang Zi Yi

JJ Lin
不為誰而作的歌 (The Song Which Was Not Written For Anyone) / Twilight
有夢不難 (It’s Not Hard to Have Dreams) / Adolescent
關鍵詞 (Keyword) / The Key
彈唱 (Singing and Playing [the Guitar]) / A Song for You Till the End of Time
只要有你的地方 (As Long as It’s a Place with You) / By Your Side
Too Bad
你,有沒有過 (Have You Ever) / Roll On
偉大的渺小 (Little Big Us)
Until the Day
黑夜問白天 (Night Asks Day) / 53 Dawns
我們很好 (We’re Doing Really Well) / Better Days
過 (Should’ve Let Go) feat. Jackson Wang

Joanne Tseng and Real (F.I.R.)
見招拆招 (Seeing a Move, Countering a Move) / Love’s Forever

Jocelyn Chan

幸福的終點 (The Destination of Happiness)

Jolin Tsai
怪美的 (Strangely Beautiful)/ Ugly Beauty

Katherine Ho

Kim Ji Mun
放棄我,抓緊我 (Give Me Up, Hold Me Tight) / Stay with Me

Lai Guan Lin
初恋 (First Love)

Lala Hsu
最初的记忆 (First Memory)

Lars Huang
青春须早为(励志版) (Youth Should Be Early (Encouraging Version))

Lay Zhang
独角戏 (Monodrama)
你要什么 (What U Need?)
失控 (Lose Control)

Li Jun Yi
兩人份美好 (The Beauty of Two People)

Li Qi
最长的旅途 (The Longest Journey)
來生 (Next Life)

Li Yu Gang
刚好遇见你 (Happened to Meet You)

Lian Huai Wei and Yakisa
爱是 (Love Is)

Lin Yi Ring
長大了以後 (After Growing Up) / Fake Adult (feat. Papun Band)

Liu Xi Jun
直到那一天 (Until that Day)

Liu Wei
青春须早为 (抒情版) (Youth Should Be Early (Sentimental Version))

Liu Xin
一点点心动 (A Little Heartbeat)

Liu Yu Ning
唯一的光 (The Only Light)
寻一个你 (To Find You)

Love O2O Cast
一笑傾城 (An Alluring Smile)

Luo Yun Xi
Because of You

咖啡 (Coffee) (with Kris Wu)
敏感 Sensitive (with Z.Tao)
别来烦我 (Don’t Come and Bother Me) / Don’t Bother

Ma Di
无畏 (Fearless)

Mao Bu Yi
我会守在这里 (I Will Keep Guard Here)

Marcus Chang
輸給你 (Lose to You)
Tonight I’m Here
說說話 (Talk to Me)

終於結束的起點 (Beginning of the End)
因為你 所以我 (It’s Because of You That I) / Because of You

Miu Chu and Andrew Tan
安靜 (Quietness)

Power Station and Janice Yan
只願和你相愛 (Only Willing To Be In Love With You) / Only You

Prince Chiu
讓我守護妳 (Let Me Protect You)

備胎 (Spare Tire) (feat. Eetu Kalavainen)
我不是白馬王子 (I’m Not Your Prince Charming) (feat. Gao Er Xuan and Li Jie Ming)

Rainie Yang
觀眾 (The Audience)
忘課 (Forgotten Lesson) / Lesson in Love

Rosie Yang Kai Lin and Yu Feng
怎麼還不愛 (Why Not Love)

殊途 (Different Ways)

Shennio Lin
以後以後 (In the Future, in the Future) / A Better Tomorrow

Shi Shi
眼淚記得你 (Tears Remember You) / Remembered

Show Luo
無聲的失控 (Silently Losing Control) / Silent Runaway
幸福特調 (A Special Blend of Happiness) / Together in Love (feat. Suzy (Miss A))

Shuang Sheng
月夜 (Moonlit Night) (feat. Yao Yang)
漫长的告白 (A Very Long Confession)

Silence Wang
那個男孩 (That Boy)
I’ll Be There
Come to Me (feat. Angelababy)

Su Shi Ding
还好我们再遇见 (Fortunately We Met Again)

Tan Wei Wei
我親愛的 (My Darling)

我在呢 (I’m Here)

Tanya Chua
失語者 (Aphasia)

Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin
天赋 (Heavenly Gift)

Vicky Chen
炙愛 (Fiery Love)

Wang An Yu
给你的 (For You)

Weibird Wei
別說沒愛過 (Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved Before)
第一個想到你 (Think of You First)
不需要知道 (You Don’t Need to Know)
貓咪共和國 (Cat Republic)
不用告訴我 (Don’t Have to Tell Me) / Don’t Tell
請你嫁給我 (Please Marry Me) / Marry Me
如果可以 (If Possible) / Red Scarf

Xian Zi
只有你我 (Just You and Me)

Xiao Bing Chih
毒藥 (Poison) / Addiction

Xiao Pan Pan and Xiao Feng Feng
學貓叫 (Learn to Meow)

Yao Yang
月夜 (Moonlit Night) (feat. Shuang Sheng)

Yang Yang Hao Ming, Luo Jie, Ding Li, Wu Zhuo Fan, Xu Yi Yang, Chen Le Yi
善感之年 (Emotional Year)

Yang Yang
微微一笑很倾城 (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring)

Yang Zi
牛奶面包 (Milk Bread)
花房咖啡厅 (Flower House Cafe)

Ye Huai Pei
爱会还原 (Love Will Restore)

You Zhang Jing
愛不由我 (Love Is Not Up To Me)

Yoyo Sham
追光者 (Chasing the Light)

Zhang Bi Chen
下一秒 (The Next Second)

Zhang Bin Bin
好像都一样 (Seems the Same) feat. Esther Yu

Zhao Lu Si
我喜欢你 (I Like You)

Korean Songs

Bernard Park

Big Bang
우리 사랑하지 말아요 (Let’s Not Fall in Love)

작은 것들을 위한 (A Poem for the Small Things) / Boy with Luv

When I Saw You


Eddy Kim
긴 밤이 오면 (When Night Falls)

Ha Sung Woon
Fall in You


Jung In
사실은 내가 (Truthfully I)

Kim Bo Hyung (SPICA)
오늘도 (Today Too)

Love Story

Suzy (Miss A) and Baekhyun (EXO)

Yoon Mi Rae
그대라는 세상 (You Are My World)

English Songs

Amber Liu
Stay Calm
Love Should Be

An Qi
Missing You

An Wei Ling
Come Back My Love


Diamond Heart
启明星 (Guiding Star)

Curley Gao
寂静之忆 (Memory of Last Life)

Della Ding
Blue Bird
Light and Shadow

Duan Ao Jun
Love is for You

Estelle Chen
Your Smile

Henry Lau
It’s You
Just Be Me

Jackson Wang
100 Ways

James Lee
Portrait of You

Jin Jun Zhi
My Everything

Jin Wen Qi
Are You

JJ Lin
Until the Day
After the Rain

Lay Zhang

Riley Wang

Rosé (Blackpink)
On the Ground

Sa Ji
If Rain

Shi Shi
Someday or One Day

Things I Do For Love

Wang Rui
A Love Song For You

Love Talk

Zhou Shen
My Only


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