Lyrics by Drama

Chinese Dramas

Chinese Paladin 5
S.H.E – 殊途 (Different Ways)

Dating in the Kitchen
Zhao Lu Si – 我喜欢你 (I like You)
Duan Ao Jun – Love is For You
Estelle Chen – Your Smile

Dear Prince
Silence Wang – I’ll Be There

The Disguiser
Duo Liang – 诉衷情 (Expressing Inner Feelings)

The Evolution of Our Love
Tank – 我在呢 (I’m Here)

Flying Tiger 3
G.E.M. – 兩個自己 (Two of Me) / Double Me

Go Ahead
Ma Di – 无畏 (Fearless)
Mao Bu Yi – 我会守在这里 (I Will Keep Guard Here)
Sa Ji – If Rain
Jin Jun Zhi – My Everything

Go Go Squid!
Yang Zi – 牛奶面包 (Milk Bread)
You Zhang Jing – 愛不由我 (Love Is Not Up To Me)

Go Go Squid 2: DT Appledog’s Time
Jin Wen Qi – Are You
An Qi – Missing You

Hello, The Sharpshooter
Liu Yu Ning – 唯一的光 (The Only Light)

Ice Fantasy
Cindy Yen – 心底 (Bottom of My Heart)
Jay Chou feat. A-Mei – 不該 (Shouldn’t Be)
Ye Huai Pei – 爱会还原 (Love Will Restore)

Imperial Doctress
Liu Xi Jun – 直到那一天 (Until that Day)

The Interpreters
Tan Wei Wei – 我親愛的 (My Darling)

Lie to Love
Curley Gao – 寂静之忆 (Memory of Last Life)
BY2 – 启明星 (Guiding Star)
Luo Yun Xi – Because of You

A Little Thing Called First Love
Lai Guan Lin – 初恋 (First Love)
Huang Kun – 住在你的心脏 (Live in Your Heart)

Love Between Fairy and Devil
Liu Yu Ning – 寻一个你 (To Find You)
Faye – 诀爱 (Bidding Farewell to Love)
Dylan Wang and Esther Yu – 想和你 (Want To Be With You)
Esther Yu – 失忆 (Amnesia)

Love Is Sweet
Sunnee – Things I Do For Love
Della Ding – Blue Bird
BY2 – Diamond Heart
Riley Wang – Sometimes
Wang Rui – A Love Song For You
An Wei Ling – Come Back My Love
Lian Huai Wei and Yakisa – Love Is

Love O2O
Love O2O Cast – 一笑傾城 (An Alluring Smile)
Yang Yang – 微微一笑很倾城 (Just One Smile Is Very Alluring)
Zhang Bi Chen – 下一秒 (The Next Second)

Love the Way You Are
Amber Liu – Love Should Be
James Lee – Portrait of You
Angelababy & Silence Wang – Come to Me
Della Ding – Light and Shadow

Master of My Own
Curley Gao – 寓言 (Fable)

Memories of Love
Aaron Yan – 最久的瞬間 (Everlasting Moment)

Meteor Garden (2018)
F4 – For You
F4 – Never Would Have Thought

My Amazing Boyfriend
Cao Lu (Fiestar) – 等你开口 (Waiting For You To Say Something)

My Dear Boy
Weibird Wei – 不需要知道 (You Don’t Need to Know)

My Little Happiness
Chen Zhuo Xun – 风的话 (Words of the Wind)

Princess Jieyou
Bii – 極光 (Aurora)

Princess Weiyoung
Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin – 天赋 (Heavenly Gift)
Li Qi – 來生 (Next Life)

The Psychologist
Yang Zi – 花房咖啡厅 (Flower House Cafe)

Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Li Jun Yi – 兩人份美好 (The Beauty of Two People)

A Romance of the Little Forest
Esther Yu and Zhang Bin Bin – 好像都一样 (Seems the Same)

The Romance of Tiger and Rose
Shuang Sheng and Yao Yang – 月夜 (Moonlit Night)

Zhou Shen – My Only

Rush to the Dead Summer
Lala Hsu – 最初的记忆 (First Memory)
Yoyo Sham – 追光者 (Chasing the Light)
Silence Wang – 那個男孩 (That Boy)

See You Again
Jing Long – 那天 (That Day)

Ten Years Late
Su Shi Ding – 还好我们再遇见 (Fortunately We Met Again)

To Fly with You
Xian Zi – 只有你我 (Just You and Me)
Wang An Yu – 给你的 (For You)

Unrequited Love
Shuang Sheng – 漫长的告白 (A Very Long Confession)
Hu Xia – 无人知晓的梦 (A Dream No One Understands)
Yang Hao Ming, Luo Jie, Ding Li, Wu Zhuo Fan, Xu Yi Yang, Chen Le Yi – 善感之年 (Emotional Year)

When a Snail Falls in Love
Joey.Z – 幸福的終點 (The Destination of Happiness)

Why Women Love
Jin Chen and Wang Zi Yi – LOVEIT

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer
Li Qi – 最长的旅途 (The Longest Journey)

Your Highness Class Monitor
Liu Xin – 一点点心动 (A Little Heartbeat)

Youth Should Be Early
Lars Huang – 青春须早为(励志版) (Youth Should Be Early (Encouraging Version))
Liu Wei – 青春须早为 (抒情版) (Youth Should Be Early (Sentimental Version))

Korean Dramas

Beautiful Mind
Bernard Park – Dirt

Descendants of the Sun
Yoon Mi Rae – Always

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God
Crush – Beautiful

Bumkey – When I Saw You

The K2
Kim Bo Hyung (SPICA) – 오늘도 (Today Too)

The Legend of the Blue Sea
LYn – Love Story
Yoon Mi Rae – 그대라는 세상 (You Are My World)

True Beauty
Ha Sung Woon – Fall in You

While You Were Sleeping
Eddy Kim – 긴 밤이 오면 (When Night Falls)
Henry Lau – It’s You

Yong Pal
Jung In – 사실은 내가 (Truthfully I)

Taiwanese Dramas

Adventure of the Ring
Eric Chou – 如果能幸福 (If I Could Be Happy) / Fortunate
Weibird Wei – (請你嫁給我 (Please Marry Me) / Marry Me

Prince Chiu – 讓我守護妳 (Let Me Protect You)

Before We Get Married
Bii – 我比從前想你了 (I Miss You More ThanI Did Before) / I Miss You More

Better Man
Bii – 都是你害的 (You Caused All of This) / All You Did

Bii – 逆時光的浪 (Back in Time)
Bii – 愛是妳給的溫柔 (Love is the Tenderness You Give) / Tender Love
Miu Chu and Andrew Tan – 安靜 (Quietness)

The Ex Man
Rainie Yang – 忘課 (Forgotten Lesson) / Lessons in Love

Falling Into You
Jiro Wang – 捨近求遠 (Give Up What’s Close for What’s Far Away) / Go For Love Faraway

HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count
Arrow Wei – 我還是不懂 (I Still Don’t Understand)

I Am Sorry, I Love You
Aaron Yan – 妳幸福就好 (Your Happiness Is My Happiness)

Lost Romance
Marcus Chang – 輸給你 (Lose to You)
Ariel Tsai – 記得捨不得 (Can’t Bear to Forget You)
Marcus Chang – Tonight I’m Here
Ariel Tsai – 回不去的海 (The Sea I Can’t Return To) / The Lost Sea
Ariel Tsai feat. PiHai Ryan – 對愛入座 (Take a Seat for Love) / Loveseat
Marcus Chang – 說說話 (Talk to Me)

Love at Seventeen
Boran Jing – 愛情掉在哪裡 (Where Did Love Get Lost)
Shennio Lin – 以後以後 (In the Future, in the Future) / A Better Tomorrow

Love Cuisine
Bii – Love More
Rosie Yang Kai Lin and Yu Feng – 怎麼還不愛 (Why Not Love)

The Love Song
Della Ding – 只是不夠愛自己 (It’s Just That I Don’t Love Myself Enough) / Love Myself More

Love, Timeless
Jocelyn Chan – 1064°C

Marry Me, or Not?
Joanne Tseng and Real (F.I.R.) – 見招拆招 (Seeing a Move, Countering a Move) / Love’s Forever

Mom, Don’t Do That!
Eric Chou – 最後一堂課 (The Last Lesson) / Graduation

Refresh Man
Ceng Jing Min and Wu Wen Fang – 我們 (We)
Weibird Wei – 第一個想到你 (Think of You First)

Some Day or One Day
Shi Shi – Someday or One Day
831 – 想見你想見你想見你 (Want to See You) / Miss You 3000
Shi Shi – 眼淚記得你 (Tears Remember You) / Remembered  (from Some Day or One Day: The Movie)

Swimming Battle
Jiang Zhuo Jia (GJ) – 你的愛是什麼形狀 (What is the Shape of Your Love)

To the Dearest Intruder
Ceng Jing Min and Wu Wen Fang – 我們 (We)
Weibird Wei – 別說沒愛過 (Don’t Say We’ve Never Loved Before)

When I See You Again
Dawen Wang – 其實你已經知道 (You Already Know My Heart)
Jiang Zhuo Jia (GJ) – 預告 (Warning)


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