[NEWS] Taiwanese Dramas Updates

With a slew of Taiwanese dramas ending, it's time to get excited for new ones coming up! First up, we have Behind Your Smile, which will begin airing on November 13. Marcus Zhang plays the role of Zhao Yi Ting, a man who suffers a curse that prevents him from reincarnating. He has been wandering… Continue reading [NEWS] Taiwanese Dramas Updates

Drama Recaps

[RECAP] Love at Seventeen – Episode 1

RECAP He Hao Yi is chased by the police, and as he's running away, Ai Li Si runs past him and drops her wallet. So he chases after her to give her back her wallet. Hearing her father's voice encouraging her, Bai Shu Lei wins the 2003 national high school swimming competition. Song Han Ming… Continue reading [RECAP] Love at Seventeen – Episode 1


[NEWS] Upcoming Dramas – The Love Song & Love Seventeen

SETTV's next daily drama will be The Love Song, starring Vivi Lee, Darren Qiu, Tracy Chou, and Lan Jun Tian. Vivi Lee and Lan Jun Tian are a married couple, but she feels lonely. Then Darren Qiu, her high school sweetheart, waltzes back into her life. Tracy Chou plays Lan Jun Tian's schoolmate. After Thirty Something finishes… Continue reading [NEWS] Upcoming Dramas – The Love Song & Love Seventeen