Helping to break down cultural barriers by translating lyrics and writing drama recaps and reviews 🙂

I like to think of myself as a translator and cultural connector. I love Asian music and dramas, and I hope to make them more accessible for international fans. This site focuses on Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean entertainment.

Feel free to submit requests via the Contact page.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG you are taking requests!!!
    Translations of C-Pop songs are so hard to find… Thank you for your hard work!

    I would like to request a translation for these songs, if it’s possible of course:
    Tanya Chua – Aphasia https://www.kkbox.com/tw/tc/song/1cv00Wq9IG1lq3Bllq3Bl0XL-index.html
    Show Luo – Silent Runaway https://www.kkbox.com/tw/tc/song/P2h00GmI1KHPlmJbPlmJb0XL-index.html

    Thank you as well for translating JJ Lin’s new songs by the way, I found your blog while searching for translations.


  2. I really didn’t expect to get translations this fast o_O

    I subbed a live performance of Silent Runaway (for my personal use) using your pinyin and translation, and it’s even more powerful when you understand the lyrics.
    As for Aphasia, I love the song (and the album) and I’m glad to understand what it’s about. I can sing along as well now instead of yelling gibberish lol

    Thanks a lot again!
    I’m looking forward to your future translations!! I already added your blog to my favorites 😉
    Oh, and before I forget, Merry Christmas!


    1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Thank you for supporting my blog 🙂

      I just watched his performance of Silent Runaway. I love how the pictures in the back and even some of the dance moves matched the lyrics so well! I’ll have to replace the video on the post. ^^


  3. Thank you so much for your translations! While I understand Chinese, it’s not as good, and it’s always nice to see someone breaking cultural barriers.

    I would like to request a translation of these songs if possible:

    Li Ronghao — Wild Animals

    Li Ronghao — Full House

    And finally, as a big JM here, OMG thank you! 😀


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