[NEWS] Upcoming Dramas – The Love Song & Love Seventeen

SETTV’s next daily drama will be The Love Song, starring Vivi LeeDarren QiuTracy Chou, and Lan Jun Tian. Vivi Lee and Lan Jun Tian are a married couple, but she feels lonely. Then Darren Qiu, her high school sweetheart, waltzes back into her life. Tracy Chou plays Lan Jun Tian’s schoolmate.

After Thirty Something finishes its run, romantic comedy Love Seventeen will be taking over the TTV timeslot. It stars Lego LeeNikki Hsieh, Zheng Yin Sheng, and Wang Jia Liang. There isn’t much plot information available, but the plot outline on Facebook translates to “You shouldn’t have regrets in life. If you were given a second chance to take back those regrets, how would you choose?”

Of all the upcoming Taiwanese dramas, I’m looking forward to Refresh Man the most, but I’m hoping Lego Lee will make magic happen with Love Seventeen.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming dramas?


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