[NEWS] Puff Kuo and Jiro Wang in Falling Into You

Puff Kuo and Jiro Wang are teaming up for the upcoming drama Falling Into You, which is scheduled to air on September 19. The Chinese title is 因為我喜歡你, which literally translates into “Because I Like You.” Puff Kuo will be playing Chen Zi Tong, a talented taekwando athlete. Before an important competition, she finds out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her with her good friend. She suffers a devastating knee injury in the competition and is forced to end her athletic career. Afterwards, she finds work at a delivery company where Fang Zhi Sheng (Jiro Wang) is the CEO. Fang Zhi Sheng is a confident, successful, and handsome young man who is every girl’s ideal boyfriend. His only flaw is that he is terrified of blood. While working together, the two gradually change each other’s lives.

Check out the three minute trailer below:


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