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[RECAP] Yong Pal – Episode 2

– It seems like those bastards died.
– No, these bastards ran off for sure.

Yong Pal and Doo Cheol miraculously survive their fall into the Han River. They call Man Sik and the gangsters to go to the river to pick them up. As Doo Cheol leaves, he calls Yong Pal a crazy bastard. He finds Yong Pal peculiar and interesting because Yong Pal didn’t abandon him because “it didn’t feel right.” Doo Cheol asks his men to look into him. Yong Pal finds out that Man Sik didn’t pack up his scalpel and fears that the police would be able to trace him through the serial number on the scalpel. Man Sik laughs it off, asking Yong Pal “Who do you think you are? Why would the police waste their time tracking you down?” Man Sik drops Yong Pal off at the hospital parking lot, and he is spotted by Chief Surgeon Lee, who is coming back because Yeo Jin is posing a problem.

Here, you take this patient, Kim Yeong Sik. He is in the ICU.

While questioning Park Tae Yong’s honesty, Tae Hyeon gets stuck with ICU patient Kim Yeong Sik “as punishment.” Kim Yeong Sik doesn’t have any guardian to sign off surgery papers for him, so his surgery wasn’t finished. Tae Hyeon does the paper work to transfer Yeong Sik to another facility that can actually operate on him.

Doctor Kim, what do we do in this situation? This is the scalpel you used.

The police come to Han Shin Medical Center because it is the only hospital in the area that uses scalpels from the company that made Yong Pal’s scalpel. How convenient. The Chief of Administration, whom they ask, jokes around that it’s the scalpel that Tae Hyeon uses, but quickly says that it’s a scalpel that anyone could’ve touched. He passes the police off to Chief Surgeon Lee Ho Joon. Chief Surgeon Lee tells the police that he disinfects surgical equipment and then either donates them to schools or recycles them as scrap metal. He looks into the serial number of the scalpel and realizes that the scalpel was missing before. He tells the police that he had the scalpel sent to the junkyard.

It’s not just a regular VIP. It’s a top, top VVIP.

Head Nurse ignores Tae Hyeon and he doesn’t understand what he did wrong. The Head Nurse tells him she never judged him for all that he did because she knows what he had gone through. His mother came into the ER after an industrial fire accident and going through a cardiac arrest. At first the doctors were just going to pronounce her dead, but after finding out her son was a doctor at the hospital, the doctors did their best to bring her back. They barely did, and she would’ve been fine after a surgery. However, a top, top VVIP came into the hospital at the same time, and the only surgeon in the hospital had to go an operate on that VVIP. So in the end, Tae Hyeon looked on helplessly as his mother passed away because no one could operate on her. The Head Nurse tells Tae Hyeon that she is disappointed in the way Tae Hyeon is treating Kim Yeong Sik the way he is, simply because he doesn’t have a guardian.

Please save me, Chief.

Chief Surgeon Lee confronts Tae Hyeon about his Yong Pal identity. Rather than deny it, Tae Hyeon immediately kneels down before Chief Surgeon Lee and begs him to save him. He says he’ll do anything. Chief Surgeon Lee takes him to see a director, and Tae Hyeon again begs him to save him, stating that he’ll do anything. In the end, Chief Surgeon Lee tells him to report to the twelfth floor for work tomorrow. He will no longer be performing any surgeries. He will be staying at the hospital for a while and will probably become chief soon.

Then, you’re going to do that difficult surg— X-Ray alone?

Since he’ll no long be able to perform any more surgeries, Tae Hyeon decides to perform one last one on Kim Yeong Sik. After some quick bantering with the head nurse, claiming to take him in for an X-Ray, he finally makes her realize that he’s actually taking him to perform a surgery on him.

Don’t come near me.

Sleeping Beauty is awake… and maybe still suicidal.

Yong Pal is a 2015 Korean drama starring Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee.

Watch it on: DramaFeverViki

All pictures on this post were found on Soompi Forum, from user jeonghyang.


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