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[RECAP] Yong Pal – Episode 1

In order to escape a nightmare, wake up. But if you can’t wake up, the nightmare will continue.

Yeo Jin and her lover Andre are in a car chase, which ends with Andre’s death. Yeo Jin is trapped in this ‘nightmare’ and attempts suicide to ‘wake up’ from it.

– But who’s Yong Pal?
– Yong Pal? The Great Quack.

After some rival gangsters crashed a casino and started a fight, Doo Cheol’s gang hires Yong Pal to treat their wounds. Yong Pal shows off his skills by noticing that a guy, who looked fine, would be unconscious in a few seconds due to a spleen rupture. He quickly finishes patching up the rest of his patients and goes back to the hospital, where he messes with the new first-year students.

Honestly, in the surgery department at our hospital, which professor doesn’t get Tae Hyeon’s bullpen help?

Tae Hyeon gets called into Chief Lee’s surgery. Chief Lee claimed to have gotten things “roughly under control” but he needed to leave because of “an important lunch meeting.” Tae Hyeon takes over the surgery. He was able to get the bleeding under control, which Chief Lee wasn’t able to do. Turns out Chief Lee was just hiding out and hoping that Tae Hyeon would be able to save his patient. Another doctor catches Chief Lee looking on as Tae Hyeon operates on his patient. He realizes that Tae Hyeon was Chief Lee’s bullpen and tells him it’s nothing to be embarrassed about because all the professors did that. Tae Hyeon has a knack for stopping bleeding.

‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’

Chief Lee’s patient is a VIP, and after the surgery, Tae Hyeon cashes in on his save. Chief Lee catches Tae Hyeon counting money that he received from the VIP and reprimands him in his office. Tae Hyeon will have none of it; he’s not ashamed that he got the money and thinks rightfully, he should get it for saving the VIP’s life, especially since Chief Lee would get a huge sum when the patient is discharged anyway.

Then, should we put in a request to the court to cancel the visitation ban?

Some stockholders and Chairman Han come Han Shin Medical Center to visit Yeo Jin. Chief Lee claims to ask Yeo Jin whether she wants any visitors and goes into the guarded room with the stockholders’ business cards. He returns saying that Yeo Jin doesn’t want any visitors. One of the medical staff says Yeo Jin has been injuring herself. One of the stockholders almost gives Chief Lee the stockholder’s questionnaire, but holds back. When the stockholders are in the elevator, one of them wonders if they should get the visitation ban lifted. Another says that that would mean an all-out war. Chairman Han goes into the guarded room to visit his half-sister, who is in a coma.

Why would you make my life better?

In a flashback, we see Tae Hyeon taking care of his sister and cooking for her. He tells her that he’ll heal her one day. He tells his mom that she’ll be able to live in luxury soon, to which she replies “Why would you make my life better? What did your parents do for you?” Since she didn’t help pay for his medical school tuition or help him out in ways that other parents help their kids, she didn’t want to put even more burdens on him.

Shot? By the police? Are you crazy?

Yong Pal is called upon again, and this time it’s to treat Doo Cheol, who was shot by the police. Yong Pal is able to take out the bullet, but in the middle of stitching up the wound, the police arrive at the hostess bar where he was operating. Some gang members block them off just long enough for Yong Pal to escape with Doo Cheol. In a car chase, the police corner them at a bridge. With a shot of epinephrine, the two jump off the bridge.

Yong Pal is a 2015 Korean drama starring Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee.

Watch it on: DramaFeverViki

All pictures on this post were found on Soompi Forum, mostly from user jeonghyang.


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