[NEWS] Crystal Liu Yi Fei Cast As Mulan

I’ve been excited about this movie as soon as it was announced and was so relieved when it was reported that they were going to cast a Chinese actress as Mulan. Now it’s been announced that Crystal Liu Yi Fei will be playing the role! I don’t think she’s the best actress, but I hope she surprises me in this role. She’s lived in the US for a period of time, so her English is decent (see clip below). I think it’ll be really interesting to see if she can pull off the male look. She’s so pretty and has such a feminine look, so I’m not sure how she could convince others in the army that she’s a man. But I guess makeup can do wonders, so we’ll have to see.

Now, can we cast Godfrey Gao or Mark Chao as Shang?


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