[NEWS] Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng in Upcoming Drama Refresh Man

Now that Bromance is just one month away from wrapping up, SETTV is gearing up for it’s next drama. Refresh Man, starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng, will be taking over the timeslot! The Chinese title (後菜鳥的燦爛時代) literally translates to “The Glamorous Era of the Behind Rookie.” Ji Wen Kai (Aaron Yan) and Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) are childhood rivals who are always competing, with Yu Tang always winning. She always placed ahead in school and even after graduating, she landed a job at MUSE Cosmetics, the company that everyone wants to work for. Wen Kai had mediocre grades and had to work odd jobs after graduation; he eventually leaves to work abroad. Years later, MUSE runs into difficulties and the CEO hires the now “legendary manager” Wen Kai to become the new CEO to save MUSE from its crisis… and Yu Tang has to work as his secretary.

What are your thoughts on this upcoming drama and pairing?



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